Argumentum ad defectum tempus (English: argument to the lack of time) is an increasingly popular, but fallacious argumentative technique first popularised by Greta Christina, and since adopted by other baboons.

In it's basic form, the argument has the following structure:

  1. I assert p.
  2. I don't have time to justify p.
  3. Therefore, p.

The argument also has a simple corollary:

  1. You assert p.
  2. I don't have time to refute p.
  3. Therefore, not p.

The fallacyEdit

I could explain the fallacy, but I don't have time.


Many examples are provided on the page on Greta Christina-isms. A further example was provided by Jen McReich during the Attacks on Penn Jillette:

Excellent idea from my friend Jesse – to make each square a link to an explanation as to why that statement is wrong. I don’t have the time to write up 25 summaries, but if people want to do it in the comments, I’ll be happy to link them up here.
- Jen McReich, here
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