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Stefunny InZvanity (Stephanie Zvan of the FfTB blog, Almost Diamonds), in a post titled, Is Cyberstalking Abuse, defines cyberstalkers:

These are people who get together to talk about what we write, our speeches, our tweets, our postings on Facebook, pictures of us available on the web. They glean the personal information we use to make ourselves and our topics more relatable and go back years to try to dig up dirt. They lie when they can’t find anything ugly enough for them. They built a fucking wiki dedicated to us. Not only that, but every bit of them talking about this stuff is meant to damage us.

So, in point of fact, these activities she defines as cyberstalking are quite precisely and specifically (as frequently stated by themselves), what she and her various cronies at FfTB do on a regular, presumably daily, basis, especially in their private FfTB backchannel. Nonetheless, and for reasons that are and will remain unstated, when she and her various cronies at FfTB participate in these activities, it is most assuredly not cyberstalking. I presume that they view it as some kind of heroic work of heroic social revolutionaries, which is actually what they appear to believe they are.

No, I dont get it either.

Bring on the Chinese communist party's 50's era revolutionary marching posters.

Greg Laden, the Living Human Parody of the X-Blog, ch
Cyberstalker-01 copy

Laden Comes Clean part 1

imes in (on InZvanity's blog -- Laden comes clean about his real-world active stalking of Abbie Smith.) in support of Steffunny InZvanity's ludicrous concoction, and in so doing openly describes his actions in real-world stalking of Abbie Smith, wherein he tried to sabotage Abbie Smith's ERV blog (on ScienceBlogs), and Abbie Smith's education program and potential future career, simply because he did not like one of the words used on the ERV blog. And he is clearly, completely unaware of his own culpability. Amazing, truly amazing cognitive dissonance at work there.

No, I don't get that either.

Following Zvan's post about cyberstalking, Justin Vacula offered commentary on his blog...but it doesn't matter because Zvan likely won't address the matter. Why defend her ideas when her commenters agree?

Cyberstalker-02 copy

Laden Comes Clean part 2

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