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D.J. Grothe - really makes the Taliban look liberal doesn't he? Or so FFTB would have you believe.

What becomes apparent to anyone after sufficient exposure to freefromthoughtblogs is that its' denizens recoil from rational dialog backed up with verifiable data like vampires from crucifixes in campy retro horror films. It burns them, yes it does.

The escalating attacks of D.J. Grothe exemplify this - all discussion and evidence that deviates from orthodox dogma simply does not exist. Instead, a new BigLie is being disseminated via methods that deliberately strip all reality and push the new meme that Grothe is sabotaging women's presence at TAM and indulges in nothing other than "blame the victim" when grievances are raised. It is therefore interesting to look at Grothe's actual track record while at the helm of JREF. Lifted from the ERV "slimepit" -

John C. Welch June 2, 8:13 am ''So, on a whim, I decided to compare TAMs after someone reminded me that DJ had only been head of JREF since 1 Jan 2010. SOLELY looking at speaker makeup in terms of gender:

TAM 5, 2007

Link (page preserved via the Wayback Machine)

TAM 6, 2008:

This link: didn’t have the full speaker list, the “click here” for that redirects to the main Randi page. However, Feature speakers? All male. Workshops and shows? All male. Out of the incomplete list of “other speakers scheduled to attend, one woman, Sharon Begley.

A quick google search shows no one at Skepchick seemed to have a problem with the lack of gender diversity of the speakers. Of course, the OMGOMGNEILDEGRASSETYSON thing might have overshadowed that. I believe SGU was there, so two women, watson included.

19 speakers two women. 10.5%

TAM 7 2009:

Yay, Links Work! Speaker link:

28 speakers, 5 women. ~18% representation. slightly better, but still.

TAM 8, 2010, first one held after DJ became president, but unknown how much of this was “his” TAM, since I don’t know balls about their planning cycle. Still, reasonable to infer he had some influence.

Speaker page:

62 Speakers, 17 women, 27.4% Doing better, noticeably so. Also, the first one where members of a podcast, like the SGU get their own space on the “front page”. Feel the opression.

TAM 9, 2011. This would be the first TAM that is all DJ’s “fault” if you like.

Speaker page:

46 speakers, 23 are women. The math is easy, and it’s a massive jump in terms of women speakers. Note, quite a few of them are not the “usual” crew, and a lot of them are not just “OMG, I HAVE A PODCAST”, but rather scientists, doctors, and similar. So not only do we have a huge jump in women on the show, but we also have a huge jump in women from the STEM areas. That’s important.

Also, under such a “misogynist” like DJ, how did skepchicks do? Well, not including Watson, three of the skepchicks were speaking.

Man, DJ’s just a CUNT about women.

This year?

30 speakers listed, 15 are women. Again, half. Now, with the skepchickcott, that might change, but to be honest, even (shallow, so very shallow) looks at TAM show that under DJ, the event has been provably more inclusive of women.

heck, in 2011, we even had a non-honky who wasn’t Neil DeGrasse Tyson! (Seriously, all he needs to do is say he’s gay, and he’d be a one-man STEM diversity project)

Sorry dumbasses, but thus far, actual data isn’t supporting your DJ is a jerk narrative.

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