There is no shortage in history of cults that cocoon themselves from reality in echo chambers where paranoid chinese whispers mutate into hate mongering and inevitably violence of one sort or other. The Manson Family's Spahn ranch is one example. Jim Jones' People's Temple is another.

Freefromthoughtblogs has been actively hate mongering since its inception and is now openly flirting with the ideas of violence and retribution, masquerading as "defense", against phobias and delusions they themselves are responsible for creating. They are witchdoctors conjuring imaginary demons and frightening the superstitious, credulous villagers with unseen "evil" and stirring them up into irrational responses that sooner or later will result in serious harm to wholly innocent parties.

This page aims to collate some of the more disturbing commentary.

The FFTB "fearless commentariat"Edit


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