A What?[edit | edit source]

A "MRA" according to Google image search

MRA is apparently the most heinous slur that alpha-apes of Freethought blogs, especially Pharyngula, ever hurl at the objects of their hatred - and seems to be reserved exclusively for the vilest of the vile.

The targets of the MRA slur uniformly fail to understand that it is in fact a slur and are unsure as to what the actual slur is supposed to mean. The best guess as to the meaning of the slur is, in lieu of any actual explanation being offered by FTB, is that the term most likely is an acronym for -

Men's Rights Activist

If this is actually the case, it leads to a lack of understanding as to why it is meant to be taken as a personally directed slur because -

  • the targets of the slur have never engaged in such activism by any common definition of the term, and
  • the targets of the slur are unaware that the mere act of assuming males have rights is a crime.
  • or the degenralized "fact" that most men's rights activists are labeled "hate groups" doesn't gel with visible reality.

History[edit | edit source]

Implications[edit | edit source]

Judging by the vehemence with which the slur MRA is used, those using it have no interest in either equality or egalitarianism. Rather it seems to advocate a perverse inversion of Islamic Sharia views on gender relations as common revenge for perceived suffering.

Examples of Usage[edit | edit source]

MRA is used consistantly throughout all of the FTB blacklists and Google can provide several hundred other examples, usually directly linked to rape or some other kind of abhorrence to add weight to the vilification.

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