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Parallel Logic is an experimental electronic logic architecture which uses a single electromechanical parametric resonator into which multiple channels of binary information are encoded as mechanical oscillations at different frequencies. [1]

Or, according to Ophelia Benson, parallel logic is... well, we're not entirely sure exactly. This page attempts to document the possible meanings of the term in Ophelia-speak.

  1. A weasel term used to avoid responsibility for making an unsavoury claim. (I'm not racist, but...)
  2. Two contradictory logical statements which are espoused in parallel, ostensibly in support of a single argument.


The supposed parallel logical statements are italicised.

Person A: TAM is doing to women what the Nazis did to Jews. That's not to compare TAM to Nazi Germany.

Person B: Nonsense - that is exactly what you did. You compared TAM to Nazi Germany.

Person A: I did not. It's matter of parallel logic. Quit being so mean to me.

Example applied to "Freethought"[]

What you think it means
Parallel logic ft.png
'August 11, 2012 at 3:49 pm Ophelia Benson: Ok this is a good one. From a comment on Jen’s post on blunderfoot.
“Freethought” means you use reason and logic to come to a conclusion, and not believing everything anyone says — even a close friend — at face value.
Hahahahahahahahaha yes right that’s what freethought means. A close friend tells you she has a headache and you interrogate her for an hour trying to get her to demonstrate that fact beyond a reasonable doubt.

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