The lack of success in vilifying, abusing and intimidating Abbie Smith and the ERV blog into silence by the alpha-apes of the FTB community led by PZ Myers has led to escalations where there have been calls to have ERV censored or even shutdown by launching a campaign of spurious complaint directly to National Geographic, ScienceBlogs operations managers -


The subject is suggested and adopted -


The call goes out to shutdown blogs expressing contrary opinion -

FTB Alpha-ape Rorschach expands substantially on his call on his personal blog, complete with selective quote mining, fabricated allegations of "threats" and other emotive nonsense to escalate a non-issue into a complaint storm - National Geographic and Scienceblogs might want to take a look at the ERV blog

[...] National Geographic has recently taken ownership of Scienceblogs. I have my doubts that this company is endorsing the woman-hating, sexist, violent and slanderous comments that have been allowed to be posted on the ERV blog for the last 3 months. Other bloggers, like PZ Myers, or myself, have managed to close comments on threads where these misogynist or hateful views were expressed, why not Abbie Smith ? Well, she has called it her monument, and openly endorses the comments made in the threads : [...]
As one commenter on Butterflies & Wheels put it :
Does National Geographic really want to have the largest collection of hate-speech this side of FOX News on one of its more visible blogs?
Complaints to Scienceblogs can be sent here, while correspondence to NatGeo is probably best addressed to here.
I don’t like doing this. But it’s gone too far. And it’s time now to finally say No.

It needs to be stressed that neither PZ Myers nor any of the other FTB acolytes raised any objection to these suggestions, and many enthusiastically endorsed them. This is "free speech" and "freethought" PZ Myers style.

Bonus PZ Myers Hypocrisy

One of the grounds most commonly cited by PZ Myers for relocating Pharyngula to Freethoughtblogs is censorship. This claim is -

  • a nonsense with no basis in reality, and
  • part of the regular P.T. Barnum routine employed by PZ Myers to spout lofty principles to elevate himsef to the status of some kind of secular "freedom fighter".

Ethical standards and Myers/FTB/Pharyngula have no relation to each other, other than as a temporary convenience for self-promotional demagoguery and otherwise discarded as an unnecessary inconvenience.

The more realistic reason is that the move may have been motivated by National Geographic expecting some kind of accountability for the exponentially increasing slanders, vilifications and misrepresentations of other members of the community since PZ Myers embarked on his White Knight crusade to defend the honor of Rebecca Watson and Skepchick. This nonsense about censorship has been called out nicely by Science 2.0 in the article entitled Freethoughtblogs - PZ Myers And Ed Brayton Finally Leaving.

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