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Fake Rebecca Watson Tweets

One of the most constant credos of all involved in Freethought blogs is that the targets of all attacks are guilty, and remain guilty, until innocence is proven, and even then usually remain guilty by relentless application of Big Lie engineering - casual repetition of known falsehood until it attains general knowledge "truth" status.

A good example was a series of Tweets generated by persons unknown from a bogus Rebecca Watson account that were immediately latched onto by Ophelia Benson -

Brevity is the soul of wit

October 1, 2011 at 4:17 pm Ophelia Benson: Oh how cute – one of the “I really really hate Rebecca Watson” crowd has made a fake Twitter account in order to do a lot of stupid self-implicating tweets as if by Rebecca. Oh haha that’s so funny – what’s next, emptying a pail of garbage in her bed? Locking a skunk in her bathroom? Putting a bomb under her car?

Indifference to facts[]

Benson did not even attempt to do any background research prior to immediately accusing her critics and equating them to car bombers.

If she had, and it was a simple matter, she would have quickly discovered that there were a spate of similar attacks happening simultaneously against a wide variety of targets, includining long standing Watson critic Adrienne Myers of Skepticasm, and that similarly, there were large numbers of inane flame posts being deposited at various blogs.

Benson exhibits more of Freethoughtblogs "standard operating procedure" - absolute disinterest at doing research and providing verifiable evidence prior to launching smears.

Innocent mistakes and over-exhuberance may be forgiveable, but again, as per standard operating FTB procedure, no correction, retraction or apology was offered on being notified of the facts.