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More or less the freethoughtblogs equivalent of a Papal edict that shall not be contradicted. The fallacy is structured as follows -

  1. I believe p.
  2. You deny p.
  3. Take a brief moment to listen and apologise.
  4. Therefore p.

This fallacy is an unspoken rule of law, but it can be found honestly articulated in the following extract of one of the FFTB comments policies -

If you’re called out on something like cissexism, racism, sexism, homophobia or whatever, please try not to get defensive or interpret it as a personal attack. Instead, try to listen to others and understand where they’re coming from. A whole lot of drama and nastiness can be avoided with simply being prepared to take a brief moment to listen, or offering a simple apology.

The same page also lists a perfect practical example -

I hate it when people go on and on about how neutral cunt and twat are; and I take tranny to be pretty near the same thing. Once can be a cultural miscommunication; but anybody who insists on it, once informed of its US meaning, is a self-centred arsehole and should fuck back off to r/atheism or ERV’s slimepit.

(Yes, we know - it's a great example of the usual cultural imperialism too)